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Version: v3.6 (deprecated)


Deployed as a daemonset in a Kubernetes Cluster, using a helm chart

In a Kubernetes environment, sensors are deployed as a DaemonSet on the Kubernetes cluster, using a helm chart.

ThreatStryker Agents (Helm Chart)

In Kubernetes, ThreatStryker agents can be installed using a helm chart.

  1. Add helm repo:

    helm repo add deepfence
    helm repo update
    helm search repo deepfence/deepfence-agent
  2. Identify the IP address or DNS name used to access the ThreatStryker management console. For example, if the address is, use the following command:

    helm install deepfence-agent deepfence/deepfence-agent \
    --set registry.username=<deepfence_username> \
    --set registry.password=<deepfence_password> \
    --set managementConsoleUrl= \
    --set deepfenceKey=xxxxxxxx \
    --set image.tag=3.6.2 \
    --set image.clusterAgentImageTag=3.6.2 \
    --namespace deepfence \

    The registry username and password to access the Deepfence Quay registry will be sent by email; check the README inside the package for detailed setup instructions.

    helm show readme deepfence/deepfence-agent
    helm show values deepfence/deepfence-agent
  3. To delete the ThreatStryker release that was installed by the helm chart, run the following command:

    helm delete deepfence-agent -n deepfence