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Version: v2.1

Sensor Agent does not start

When using Minikube (possibly other platforms), the deepfence-agent does not start

Running kubectl get pods -n deepfence gives output similar to:

NAME                                      READY   STATUS              RESTARTS   AGE
deepfence-agent-8lxng 0/1 ContainerCreating 0 3m14s
deepfence-cluster-agent-d86cd4df8-c4fz2 1/1 Running 0 3m14s

Running kubectl describe pod -n deepfence deepfence-agent-8lxng reveals:

  Warning  FailedMount  30s (x8 over 3m14s)  kubelet            MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "containerd-sock" : hostPath type check failed: /run/containerd/containerd.sock is not a socket file

Solution: edit deepfence_agent_values.yaml and set containerdSock to be "false". Redeploy the agent using:

helm delete deepfence-agent -n deepfence

helm show values deepfence/deepfence-agent --version 2.1.2 > deepfence_agent_values.yaml

# You will need to update the following values:
# containerdSock - set to "false"
vim deepfence_agent_values.yaml

helm install -f deepfence_agent_values.yaml deepfence-agent deepfence/deepfence-agent \
--namespace deepfence \
--create-namespace \
--version 2.1.2