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Version: v2.0


In Kubernetes, the ThreatStryker sensors are deployed as a daemonset in the Kubernetes cluster, using a helm chart.

Quick Installation of ThreatStryker Sensors

Install and start the latest release of the deepfence sensor. Replace x.x.x.x with the IP address of the Management Console and 73f6f3d0-9931-4b31-8967-fd6adf475f80 with the API key.


clusterName is the name / identifier of the cluster. It should be different for different kubernetes clusters. Example: prod-cluster-1, test-cluster.

Identify container runtime

  • To get container runtime in the k8s cluster, run the following command
kubectl get nodes,Runtime:.status.nodeInfo.containerRuntimeVersion
  • To get container runtime socket path in the k8s cluster, run the following commands and search for --container-runtime-endpoint or containerd
kubectl apply -f
kubectl wait --for=condition=complete --timeout=30s job/deepfence-cluster-config
kubectl logs $(kubectl get pod -l job-name=deepfence-cluster-config -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}")
kubectl delete -f

Deploy deepfence-agent helm chart

helm repo add deepfence

# helm show readme deepfence/deepfence-agent --version 2.0.3 | less
# helm show values deepfence/deepfence-agent --version 2.0.3 | less

helm install deepfence-agent deepfence/deepfence-agent \
--set imagePullSecret.username=<deepfence_username> \
--set imagePullSecret.password=<deepfence_password> \
--set managementConsoleUrl=x.x.x.x \
--set deepfenceKey=73f6f3d0-9931-4b31-8967-fd6adf475f80 \
--set global.imageTag=2.0.1 \
--set clusterName="prod-cluster" \
--set mountContainerRuntimeSocket.containerdSock=true \
--set mountContainerRuntimeSocket.dockerSock=false \
--set mountContainerRuntimeSocket.crioSock=false \
--set mountContainerRuntimeSocket.podmanSock=false \
--set mountContainerRuntimeSocket.containerdSockPath="/run/containerd/containerd.sock" \
--set trafficAnalysis.start=Y \
--set trafficAnalysis.mode=all \
--set dfFim=N \
--namespace deepfence \
--create-namespace \
--version 2.0.3

Fine-tune the Helm deployment

helm repo add deepfence

helm show values deepfence/deepfence-agent --version 2.0.3 > deepfence_agent_values.yaml

# Make the changes in this file and save
vim deepfence_agent_values.yaml

helm install -f deepfence_agent_values.yaml deepfence-agent deepfence/deepfence-agent \
--namespace deepfence \
--create-namespace \
--version 2.0.3

Delete the ThreatStryker Sensor

helm delete deepfence-agent -n deepfence