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Version: v2.1

System Requirements

The Management Console may be installed on a single Docker host or in a dedicated Kubernetes cluster:

  • A Docker Host is suitable for small-scale deployments, managing up to several hundred production nodes
  • A Kubernetes Cluster is suitable for small and large-scale deployments
FeatureRequirements (Docker)Requirements (Kubernetes)
CPU: No of cores8 cores3 nodes, 4 cores each
RAM16 GB3 nodes, 8 GB each
Telemetry and data from Deepfence SensorsPort 443 (configurable), firewalledPort 443 (configurable), firewalled
Administrative and API accessPort 443 (configurable), firewalledPort 443 (configurable), firewalled
Docker*Version 20.10.18 (minimum version 18.06.0)

Larger deployments, managing 250 or more production nodes, will require additional CPU and RAM resources. For enterprise-scale deployments, managing 1000+ production nodes, the ThreatMapper Console should be deployed on a Kubernetes cluster of 3 or more nodes.